Every Chinese New Year is the time for Chinese people to get together with their families and meet relatives returning from overseas.  They prepare dishes for Chinese New Year and Spring Festival couplets together, pay courtesy calls to friends, or go for outings.  These memorable moments are usually captured by increasingly prevalent phone cameras. Read More…

Posted by: ASUS WebStorage | 2015/02/06

ASUS WebStorage launches Chinese New Year event

ASUS WebStorage would like to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with subscribers by providing free cloud space.  During this Chinese New Year celebration period, you will be entitled to extra 1GB storage space by using ASUS WebStorage uploading and sharing functions (512MB to be provided to using the sharing function and another 512MB to be provided to using the uploading function).

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From January 20 to 23, ASUS Cloud joined near twenty business partners, government organizations, and industry associations at the 2015 Smart City Summit and Expo, launching an Internet of Things platform independently developed in Taiwan to support many types of smart gateways and sensor devices.  The platform also supports users around the world and apps development.

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ASUS WebStorage would like to help prepare you for the upcoming Christmas for you capture and store delicately decorated Christmas tree and how you enjoy your Christmas feast and reunion. ASUS WebStorage helps you store each and every warm moment of the festival.

In order to thank you for your long-time support, ASUS WebStorage offers the greatest bargain ever with two options available from 2014/12/01 to 2015/01/05 (GMT+8) :

1. Subscription to 100GB to get another 100GB free, which is equivalent to a 50% discount not to be missed

2. A 30% discount for an extra-large space of 500GB to save any file

Don’t miss the bargain, buy now!

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The annual Chinese New Year holiday is very important to the Chinese people.  To celebrate the blessed and joyful festival, ASUS WebStorage would like to share with you our happiness and thank you for your great support in 2013.  Therefore, we will offer feedback to extend our gratitude.

We normally provide 512MB to you as an award for inviting each person to join ASUS WebStorage, but now will double the award.  During the promotion period, you will be entitled to 1GB on ASUS WebStorage.  Please invite your friends to join ASUS WebStorage right now.

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