When everything in life is down with the ship!

What if you lose your precious data before they are backed up…

David usually used a 3.5” hard disk to backup his data in 2 computers and took along the data he needed immediately with USB flash drive. Everything seemed to work very well, until…

One day, David was involved in a boat accident while he was on a business trip. Fortunately, no one was killed by the tragedy. But, David lost ALL his files saved in the notebook and the hard disk while fleeing for life; totally 300 GB personal and customer data were all gone.

Even though no accidents would occur, hard disks, CD-ROMs and USB flash drives all have their own life spans and would be broken-down someday.

However, with ASUS WebStorage’s business version Automatic Online Backup, the data can always be kept safely.

Free Trial – 1TB/25 accounts. Sing up now


When everything in life is down with the ship! 有 “ 3 則留言 ”

    1. Hi there,

      We’re happy to hear your voice. Actually we just announced our business version backup service,called WebStorage for Business.
      We’d like to invite you to visit and give it a try the free trial comes with 1TB/25 accounts.

      Website : https://biz.asuswebstorage.com/

      Hope it will help you resolve any data protection problems.

      ASUS WebStorage team



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