Sync = Backup!?

This is probably one of the most frequent asked questions since Cloud Computing became popular. Why is this worth of mentioning? Because not all Cloud providers offer both Sync and Backup, but we got you both. The reason is simple; we believe Sync and Backup are both equally important, yet achieve distinct customer needs.

With that said, let’s find out the differences and how they change to your life.
Sync is a process of ensuring your files are up-to-date in two or more locations (devices). A simple drag and drop to “MySyncFolder” (ASUS WebStorag) is all it takes. Any modification made in one location will be synchronized with all other locations automatically.

Sync works the best for the files that needed to be constantly used and update. The most obvious example would be a project file that is shared with people in a team, yet rightly available in your device with the latest update. Basically, the files stay up-to-date with you anywhere you go. Therefore, you will never run into trouble of grabbing outdated files or missing files again.

Backup is protection against potential data crashing or lost. It keeps a duplicate copy of your data on another storage location (Ex: ASUS WebStorage). So, why is backup important? Most of PC users will experience computer crashes at least once in their life. (The truth is it’s more than once) In most of the case, all their memorable pictures, important work files, and etc. are lost forever.

Backup is the cure for the painful restoring process. Users with backed up copies are able to get all the irreplaceable files back where they belong in no time! Best of all, our backup function supports multiple PC back up, which means you can keep a backup copy of all your PCs.

We are so sure that you have better things to take care of than finding yourself trying to restore computers or searching for last saved files. So, being the ASUS WebStorage users, you are guaranteed to have the most pleasant Cloud Computing experience with both Sync and Backup.

Still not convinced? Try it yourself!

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