Latest ASUS WebStorage Windows Client – v2.2.48

Some major changes and numerous bugs fixed release

  • Fixed installation problem on OS run in Turkish
  • Implement file moving destination setting
  • Improve user feedback notification
  • Remove Uploading list

Out on our download page:

Implement file moving destination setting

Two changes have been made on operation selections when right-click on a file:
1. “Copy to this PC” – is designed to avoid file copied on cloud, therefore we have indicate the ‘direction’ of where to copy to. Moreover, file destination dialogue window could help user to decide where to move the file to.
2. “Move to MyCollection” – is designed to relocate files in MyCollection. File destination dialogue window could help user to decide where to move the file to.

Improve user feedback notification

A quite sweet notification is set to appear in the Backup Settings, friendly reminding is to be shown in red mark in front of backed up directories that are been set. It will be highlight in red to indicate the individual directory or file has been original deleted.
To delete the red marking is easy, unmark the ‘v’ in front and save the change shall do!

Remove Uploading list

It is quite hard decision for us to make, since the background file uploading is such a convenient function to use, however, until we have come out a totally comfortable solution to the existing issue we have to remove it temporarily for good.
Nonlinear resources (CPU and disk IO) consumption when massive amount of files are being pre-processed which causes application stop or not respond (on the user interface). Such unmediated response will mislead our user to repeat uploading in an unnecessary looping.

Considering the known issue causes such trouble we have to and must remove such function temporally. We sincerely apologize for this temporary change may bring your inconvenience.


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