ASUS WebStorage for Android – New release v1.0.6

Greeting! App for Android was first released on 25th June, thanks for all of your comments and supports, our Android team has continuously keeping up the quality to meet your demands and needs.

In v1.0.6 a few adjustments have been made, with more user friendly feedbacks and new Setting tag is added to.
It provides ways to:

  • view account information
  • find support from FAQ
  • link to Forums and join more discussion…

To convenient our new comers with an express registration when first open this application, a direct sign up path is build in on this version.

Download v1.0.6 from Android Market now!

ASUS WebStorage for Android – New release v1.0.6 有 “ 2 則留言 ”

  1. Hey, I like the stuff you’re doing, but you folks need an English language editor so that the things you send out don’t look so confusing. There are so many grammatical and syntactical mistakes in the emails and blog postings that it is difficult to take the offers seriously. I’m guessing that this is a translation error, but something should be done about it.

    Let me know if you’re looking to hire someone for this.

    1. Dear Brian,

      Thanks for your advise, it is really important for us to maintain fine documentation quality for our users.
      Thanks for letting us know places that are needed to be implement!

      ASUS WebStorage Team


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