We have increased your storage space, login and confirm it now !

Dear users,

We are delighted to let you know that ASUS WebStorage has exceeded 5 million members.

We would like share our happiness and joy with you! To show our appreciation for your business and support, we have increased 1GB of additional space to your current storage. (Please verify the increment upon login.)

Are you troubled with insufficient storage space for your free account?

With so many awesome ASUS WebStorage Cloud applications (ex: sync, backup, and music streaming), you don’t want to be restricted due to the limited storage space of the free accounts. Join the referral program and earn free storage space! The more of your friends join ASUS WebStorage, the more space you can get!

*Additional 1GB free space is only available to original 1GB free account users.


-ASUS WebStorage Team

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We have increased your storage space, login and confirm it now ! 有 “ 11 則留言 ”

  1. Thank you. But, for customers that have an unlimited capacity.. I would prefer an improvement of the software that could limit the awful number of very small “unique" files that fragment my hard disk and the size of the log files, that suck 10 Mb of disk space every five days.

  2. i am very happy for getting 500GB from ASUS. I hope they provide this web storage not limited for one year….to buy

    I will suggest all my friends ASUS computers and equipments…

    We will be waiting for ASUS to provide 500GB forever…

    Thanks ASUS

  3. Guys, I emailed support about my unlimited storage account and got a totally weird answer like someone didn’t even read it. I know how to register, I don’t need instruction. I need unlimited space. My problem is that I’ve registered for the free unlimited storage for 1 year using my asus transformer “mycloud" app on the unit. Even though I’ve used the device to register, it only gives me 2GB of space. I tried to create another one…it’s still only gives me 2GB. Can you remove the 2GB limit please. The userID is npung. If you need any more information please email me…

    1. Hi narong pung ,

      Thank you for the feedback.
      Your request has been directed to our CS Center. You can expect a response within a few days. Upon initial contact, we might request additional information to further help you.

      Please feel free to take the advantage of Help if you have any further questions.

      ASUS WebStorage Team



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