Entering the Era of Cloud with ASUS Cloud

ASUS Cloud

It is our core belief that people should be entitled to better ways of staying connected and interacting with digital data. Variation of devices and file formats should not act as obstacles between people and technology but rather as ways to make life more interesting.

With the help of Cloud technology, interactions between people and digital data have never been easier and quicker.  ASUS Cloud gives user the ability to easily access and share any file they want with whomever they want bringing human sharing closer than ever before.

Many might think with the technology as sophisticated as our Cloud service, it is only catered to people with extensive background in the field of technology. On the contrary, our focus has been and will always be to provide users with simple yet useful services, making everyday life easier and more enjoyable. We pride ourselves in our work and we hope our users will feel the same.

For the past three years, eCareme has been devoting all resources into the development of our Cloud service. With the successful debut of our Cloud service, we are proud to announce that eCareme will now be officially known as ASUS Cloud. We will continue to fulfill our dreams of providing unprecedented Cloud experience and exceptional customer service for our beloved users.

In the future, we hope that file formats and sizes will no longer be the limiting factors for people to interact and stay connected in the digital world.  The future that we dream of is one without distance, one without compromise.

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