You can receive free storage whether you are using Windows, Mac, or our web interface to access WebStorage.

    1. Step 1 : Choose your preferred access interfacea. Windows: Right click on the WebStorage icon located on the bottom right corner of the taskbar and select “Get free space”


      b. Mac: Right click on the WebStorage icon located on the top right portion of the menu bar and select “Get free space”.


      c. Web: Click on the “Get FREE space” link located on the bottom of ASUS Cloud’s official website under Social Service.


    2. Step 2: Start referringInvite your friends and family to join ASUS WebStorage by clicking on “Invite friends nows!”.


    3. Step 3: Chose your preferred referral methodMethod 1: Share Using Social Networks

      Share with friends and family via Facebook or Twitter.


      Method 2: Via Email
      Simply enter your friend’s email (separate multiple email addresses using comma) in the captcha text, and click on “Send now!”.


Referral Limits:
You will receive 512MB of free storage with each successful referral. You can receive up to 10GB of additional free storage by referring 20 people.
* Referral awards will be ineligible when the referral link is activated the same PC.

  1. Checking Reward Status:After you have logged into your ASUS WebStorage account, click on “My reward Status” and you will be able to see all your referral status.


    Register Now ! ASUS WebStorage

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