How to receive additional 10GB of WebStorage storage space for free!

You can receive free storage whether you are using Windows, Mac, or our web interface to access WebStorage.

    1. Step 1 : Choose your preferred access interfacea. Windows: Right click on the WebStorage icon located on the bottom right corner of the taskbar and select “Get free space”


      b. Mac: Right click on the WebStorage icon located on the top right portion of the menu bar and select “Get free space”.


      c. Web: Click on the “Get FREE space” link located on the bottom of ASUS Cloud’s official website under Social Service.


    2. Step 2: Start referringInvite your friends and family to join ASUS WebStorage by clicking on “Invite friends nows!”.


    3. Step 3: Chose your preferred referral methodMethod 1: Share Using Social Networks

      Share with friends and family via Facebook or Twitter.


      Method 2: Via Email
      Simply enter your friend’s email (separate multiple email addresses using comma) in the captcha text, and click on “Send now!”.


Referral Limits:
You will receive 512MB of free storage with each successful referral. You can receive up to 10GB of additional free storage by referring 20 people.
* Referral awards will be ineligible when the referral link is activated the same PC.

  1. Checking Reward Status:After you have logged into your ASUS WebStorage account, click on “My reward Status" and you will be able to see all your referral status.


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