Starting now, you will be able to safely store the dialogue and memories in ASUS WebStorage from Facebook, Google+ and Plurk.

Social networks have become apart of many people’s daily life. According to statistics, people on average spend more than 6 hours per day on social networks. This means that many people have dedicated their valuable times on a daily basis managing and organizing their pictures and happiness.

You can now easily keep all your beautiful memories with ASUS WebStorage.

Below we will be giving you a quick tutorial on how to use ASUS WebStorage to safeguard all your social networks data.

Click on Account Settings on the top right of Facebook page

Select “General”

Select “Download a copy” of your Facebook data, enter your password to start the download.

Google +
Click on the diamond icon located on the top right and select Google+ “Account Settings”.

Select ”Download your data”, enter your password to start the download.

Select “Account Settings”, “General”, and choose “Backup”.

Select “Request a backup” to start the download.

Drag the files to MySyncFolder and they will automatically upload to your personal Cloud Storage.

Download ASUS WebStorage now and safeguard your data!

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