ASUS WebStorage and Transformer Prime make one flawless experience

Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for Transformer Prime. ASUS WebStorage has made a few changes specifically for Ice Cream Sandwich making Transformer Prime better and safer than ever!

With the below new additions, you will experience a brand new cloud life!

ASUS WebStorage: Small widget for all your real life problems!
With the ASUS WebStorage Widget, you can easily jot down every little thing in your life and upload it directly to ASUS WebStorage!
For example, during a meeting, you can easily upload your notes and recordings directly to ASUS WebStorage to share with your colleagues. Pictures and videos can be instantly uploaded the moment taken with the available widget.

Instant upload!
In the past, it is really inconvenient to upload pictures or data to the Cloud because it constantly requires users going back and forth. ASUS WebStorage now made it easier than ever! Under Gallery, press and hold the photo album of your choice and select “Upload”. Selected album will instantly upload to the user’s personal ASUS WebStorage Cloud that comes free with purchase of Transformer Prime.

Double data protection!
In addition to obtaining ISO27001 data security certification, Asus Transformer Prime users can even use the APP Locker to safeguard their Cloud storage offering double the protection. Rest assured that your data are safely guarded with ASUS WebStorage.
Learn more about ASUS WebStorage Data Security System…

Want to learn more about ASUS WebStorage and its functions? Head here now!

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ASUS WebStorage and Transformer Prime make one flawless experience 有 “ 3 則留言 ”

  1. Love, love love my Prime! Online storage is the best. I have been using another online storage service but I am checking this one out. I will post after I have a review!


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