Our beloved ASUS WebStorage users have something to rejoice about! We have collaborated with iOS, OrganiDoc to bring users to most powerful file management system. From now on, any files saved onto WebStorage can be downloaded through OrganiDoc, and files originally saved under OrganiDoc can be uploaded into WebStorage. Files can be browsed and edited without compatibility issues between iOS and other platforms.

In an effort to allow WebStorage users to test this new Cloud experience for themselves, starting May 2nd and ending on May 20th, new registrants or users who successfully referred their friends to join WebStorage will have a chance to win OrganiDoc/OrganiDoc HD! See below for more details.

  • Promotional Period: May 2nd, 2012 to May 20th,2012
  • Prizes: OrganiDoc product code x 25 / OrganiDoc HD product code x 25
  • How to enter:
  1. Register for ASUS WebStorage during the promotional period.
  2. Refer 3 people to register for ASUS WebStorage during the promotional period.
  3. Users who meet the above two criteria will receive two entries for the contest.

♣ Each successful referral will be rewarded with extra storage space! Users who have already reached their maximum number of referrals are encouraged to enter for a chance to win OrganiDoc.♣

  • Winner Announcement: Winners will be announced on ASUS WebStorage Facebook page and Blog on May 23rd.
  • Prize Redemption:
  1. Winning notification will be sent to users’s ASUS WebStorage account email. Please respond to the notification email upon receipt.
  2. Upon receiving winner’s response, ASUS WebStorage Team will send the product code via email.
  • Promotion Policies:
  1. OrganiDoc/OrganiDoc HD is only compatible with iOS.
  2. Winners are not picked specifically but randomly.
  3. In order to protect winner’s privacy, only part of winner’s account number will be posted.
  4. For registered users, the account must be an active account(effective) by Jul 30th.
  5. ASUS Cloud holds the right to stop or make any changes to the promotion as well as the final deciding factor on entry and winner eligibility.
  6. ASUS Cloud will not be responsible for the loss of contestants’ information caused by computer, internet, phone, or other forms of malfunctions.
  7. If any of the above policies have been violated, ASUS Cloud holds the right to cancel contestant’s eligibility as well as pursue in any legal matters.
Note: Please click here to learn more about ASUS WebStorage and OraniDoc functions and tutorial.
Congratulations the following winner of fans to win “Register for ASUS WebStorage and enter to win OrganiDoc” event!
OrganiDoc x25

  1. sap***shi.s*@gmail.com
  2. tol***ici@gmail.com
  3. bob***ver.0*@gmail.com
  4. tha***va@gmail.com
  5. ant**.*asil*@ki**ked.com
  6. r.c**no@libero.it
  7. ray***do.torr**.olgui*@gmail.com
  8. wat***r1985s*@yahoo.com
  9. ray***dlee202*@hotmail.com
  10. mar*.*.*ewboul*@sbc**obal.net
  11. ria***.n.zijlst**@gmail.com
  12. col***ynngre**@gmail.com
  13. gab***dme1@hotmail.com
  14. tea***rbox1@gmail.com
  15. lut**s47@gm*.net
  16. dou***s_50174@yahoo.com.tw
  17. sin***ore1990@sina.com
  18. jea***rc-czayk*@live.fr
  19. sal***ore.riv*@gmail.com
  20. nap***.e.2.**82818284590452353*@gmail.com
  21. ham***terry@yahoo.com.tw
  22. lca**er@gmail.com
  23. yko***en34@gmail.com
  24. car***adavis6*@gmail.com
  25. pel***elle3@gmail.com
OrganiDoc  HD x25
  1. Da**y.x*@hotmail.be
  2. ka**-*emura@iris.**net.ne.jp
  3. jer***_wilch@hotmail.com
  4. nat***ie.**uplard78@gmail.com
  5. bpr***e526@gmail.com
  6. dra***veld@gmail.com
  7. mar***la.*hillips@gmail.com
  8. s15**719@gmail.com
  9. one***gedzebr*@gmail.com
  10. ovi**ly@gmail.com
  11. ras***bird@yahoo.com
  12. jre**e@prat**idal.es
  13. pel***ess@hotmail.com
  14. jus***taylora*@gmail.com
  15. bfa**llo@aol.com
  16. rug**ol@cox.net
  17. ima***enam*@hotmail.com
  18. mcl***hm91@gmail.com
  19. ton***nauto@gmail.com
  20. you***yli@gmail.com
  21. gar***ratton@gmail.com
  22. lov***30727@gmail.com
  23. bre**18@comcast.net
  24. jun**ing@go.th*.edu.tw
  25. lbo**g@gmail.com
For winners, please remember to check your e-mail, we will send the redeem code to you later!

How to use:

App Stpre > click on “Featured” >choose “NEW” > click on “Redeem” > Enter your Redeem Code > Clickon “Redeem” to download the app


  1.  Please download the app before 23:59 of June 17th(GMT+8), or the redeemcode will lose effectiveness.
  2. OrganiDoc is for iPhone only. OrganiDocHD is for iPad only.

Register Now ! ASUS WebStorage


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