【COMPUTEX 2012】ASUS shows off its Open Cloud Computing with a dash of sci-fi, teen angst

ASUS has been touting Open Cloud Computing as the glue that unites its new devices at Computex, but it hasn’t been very specific as to what that meant. Rather than just give us the dry details, though, ASUS has chosen to sum it all up in a slightly surreal video illustrating how its cloud solves the travails of friends and family. Web storage comes up often for sharing files across the Internet — apparently, by reaching through clouds — and is joined by Open Help for sorting out frustrated parents, Open Link for helping woe-is-me teenagers finish high school projects on their Padfones, Vibe for sharing media and Waveface for coordinating a thank you event with everyone. Apart from being a bit trippy, the promo has more than a small dose of science fiction: although we’ve seen some future product concepts from ASUS before, we’re pretty sure there’s no holographic watches and virtual assistants on the short-term roadmap. If you can reconcile that with practical reality, you’ll be ready for the video after the story jump.

News Source:engadget http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/04/asus-shows-off-open-cloud-computing-in-video/

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