MyBitCast-Always remember every moment in your live

Have you ever experienced the following:

  • During a meeting, you kept getting sales calls but forget to return many of them resulting in loss of potential customers.
  • You tend to forget buying many household products due to the fact that you are always busy at work.
  • You tend to forget many good ideas for new products and services because you simply cannot find something to jot them down in time.

Just when you need a personal secretary the most, MyBitCast is introduced.
It is the most essential Memo App available to help you take down memos for every little thing in your life.

MyBitCast not only provides the perfect memo taking solution but also include shorthand, picture taking and audio recording functions. Not to mention MyBitCast is extremely easy to use with its simple interface and you can familiarize yourself with it in no time.

In order to provide you with the best possible experience with MyBitCast, please take a look at the below “Simple Three Steps” we have prepared for you.

1. Get the App
Get MyBitCast App from Google Play and register an ASUS WebStorage ID for yourself.
MyBitCast Android App is a must have digital secretary for your daily life with support for text based
memo taking, picture taking, and audio recording offering three different types of memo taking.

2. Three simple ways to take notes
MyBitCast supports using text, image, and voice to cast notes when you are on the go.In the shortest possible time, MyBitCast can help you jot down ever little things in your life so you will never miss a thing. Click “Text” or “+ “ to start a new memo.

You can also share all your brilliant and creative ideas with friends by mail and bluetooth.

3. Access your notes easily
Make sure you’ve installed Webstorage Sync Agent and MyBitCast Gadget on your computer, so the notes you have taken will automatically appear on the desktop just when you need it.
Do not underestimate MyBigCast Windows 7 desktop gedget! With this little assistant, all your memos will be synced to your computer automatically allowing for immediate access when you return so you’ll never miss a thing in your life.

Quickly go through “Simple Three Steps” and you’ll be on your way to start experience how the convenient and intelligent little secretary can be of your service.

We also provide the instruction video for your reference.

If you wish to learn more about MyBitCast, please head to ASUS Cloud Official Web Site.

Register Now ! ASUS WebStorage


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