Before your trial use of WebStorage for Team, you need to register for a WebStorage for Team account in order to add your collaboration team members and complete various settings.

  • Registration

1. Please go to the homepage of and select “Free Trial.

2. Fill in the information based on instructions on the registration page. Please note that, before registration, you must agree the ASUS 《Terms of Use Notice》, ASUS 《Privacy Policy》, ASUS WebStorage 《Terms of Service》, ASUS WebStorage 《Privacy Policy》.

3. How to fill in registration information:

– WebStorage for Team account
A. You cannot use the Email that already registered on ASUS WebStorage..
B. All the function updates and promotion information will be sent to the email address you fill in. Please make sure the accuracy of   your email address in order to keep yourself well-informed and updated.

– Password
A. The password length must be between 8 to 25 characters.
B. The password can include numbers, low-case and/or upper-case alphabets, and/or special signs.

-Name, phone number, and company information
A. Your name, phone number, and company information will be automatically incorporated into your purchase information. Please make sure the accuracy of such information in order to ensure your rights.

  • Initialization Setting

After registration, you can proceed to shared folder initialization.

1. Group folder size setting
• Everyone invited by you can access the group folder to upload data to and download data from the folder.
• The folder size that you set up can be adjusted based on future needs.
• The size that you set up will be directly deducted from your total folder size.

2. Collaboration members setting
• Select “Add” to input any new members’ email address.
• Any email address to be added should never be registered for ASUS WebStorage in the past.
• After email address addition, new members can change their mug shots and nicknames from the personal information menu on their respective interfaces.
• The dashboard is accessible after setting is completed.

Then click Next to complete the entire registration process.
Simple three-step, you can officially begin to experience WebStorage for Team your work / team life will bring much convenience!

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