Asustek, gov’t partner up on cloud services

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan’s Ausutek Computer Inc. and Industrial Development Bureau Thursday unveiled a cloud mall reportedly integrating upwards of 10,000 service providers which will be launched later this year, aiming to tap the burgeoning Chinese market next year.

Asustek, the world’s third-largest personal computer vendor by unit sales, and the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) under Ministry of Economic Affairs yesterday held a joint news conference in Taipei to announce the set-up of a digital content platform called the “Taiwan Digital Mega Mall” (台灣數位大市集).

Industrial Development Bureau Director-General Jong-chin Shen (沈榮津) yesterday said that the Taiwan Digital Mega Mall will serve to forge a thoroughly linked industry chain and bring all the potential of Taiwan’s cloud service providers into full play.

“Sectors ranging from cloud mall operators and digital content providers to system solution providers are fighting their own battle, showing Taiwan’s feet of clay when it comes to the island’s competitive edge in cloud computing,” Shen said.

Shen added that the IDB, relying on Asustek’s practical experiences obtained by providing service to tens of millions of subscribers worldwide, will be able to build up a world-class digital content platform which connects front to back end providers.

“For sometime we’ve been considering cloud computing to be something beyond infrastructure,” Asutek Vice Chairman Jonathan Tseng said. “What really matters is a brand-new experience including applications, service innovations and digital contents.”

He said Ausutek has been ploughing into this frontier market for seven years now and has developed a proven track record around the world with 12 million active users.

In early April, Asustek and the Taipei City Government unveiled a project that will make cloud services accessible to citizens and businesses in Taipei. The project will create a platform that enables five free cloud-based services — personal data storage, corporate date storage, digital education materials, remote health care and public access to city information.

Asustek will adopt an open-source cloud-computing system to create convenience for vendors of publishers, online game corporations and application providers, according to Tseng.

Taiwan’s Digital Mega Mall is set to go live by the end of 2013 and will initially integrate 10,000 content providers including Cite Media Holding Group, Fun Town, Gamania and Health@cloud, said Peter Wu, general manager of Asus Cloud, Asustek’s subsidiary focused on cloud computing.

Wu added that the Digital Mega Mall will operate as a platform for business-to-business use after its launch in late 2013, but is expected to expand the scope of its service to include individual consumers.

The Mega Mall looks set to land in China in 2014 to expand access to the world’s second largest economy after the U.S.


News Source:The China Post  (Online)







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