【Activity Extend】ASUS WebStorage offers a Christmas discount up to 50% OFF!

ASUS WebStorage would like to help prepare you for the upcoming Christmas for you capture and store delicately decorated Christmas tree and how you enjoy your Christmas feast and reunion. ASUS WebStorage helps you store each and every warm moment of the festival.

In order to thank you for your long-time support, ASUS WebStorage offers the greatest bargain ever with two options available from 2014/12/01 to 2015/01/05 (GMT+8) :

1. Subscription to 100GB to get another 100GB free, which is equivalent to a 50% discount not to be missed

2. A 30% discount for an extra-large space of 500GB to save any file

Don’t miss the bargain, buy now!


  • ASUS Cloud reserves the rights to terminate, change, or modify the promotion anytime.
  • ASUS Cloud shall not be held legally liable for promotion participants’ any data damage, error, illegibility, and/or loss resulting from any computer, network, telephone transmission, and/or any other technology issue that cannot be attributed to ASUS Cloud, and promotion participants shall not have any objection to such exemption.

【Activity Extend】ASUS WebStorage offers a Christmas discount up to 50% OFF! 有 “ 3 則留言 ”



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