WebStorage makes learning easier and more efficient

Ever-changing IT technology applied to education makes teaching material development increasingly flexible while facilitating many different ways of learning and study such as collaboration for team report development.

In the past, a team member had to send other team members the section of a report that he or she was responsible for after the section was completed, and then received the section commented and/or edited by other team members.  This complicated the report development process because of transmission and report integration inefficiencies.

Now, the following functions of ASUS WebStorage will make team report development much easier and more efficient.

  • Collaboration Folder

All team members can store their information in the folder to directly edit and/or change such information, and the time saved can be used for discussions or other activities that are more valuable to report development.  Moreover, the folder’s browse-only setting prevents information from being changed by mistake.

  • Sharing of links

Transmission failures can happen to sharing through FTP in if a file shared is too big.  The link sharing function of ASUS WebStorage resolves the issue to have the file to be shared downloaded easily.

  • Email sharing

The files on ASUS WebStorage can also be shared by email.  For example, a teacher can email students to share class handouts downloadable by students when then receive the email from the teacher,


Note: Please check out the following blog for details about link sharing and share code optimixation:Share links/code Optimization




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