Let ASUS WebStorage help you extend the space on your laptop

Portability is an important consideration for laptop buying, but the sharply increased data over time on your laptop would make its built-in memory space insufficient. What would you do to keep and rapidly access your existing data anytime while making your laptop function as responsively?

1) Remote Drive
Remote Drive is an extension of your hard drive as well as your cloud file manager.
Without opening any webpage, Remote Drive lets you directly access your data on ASUS WebStorage and have them synchronized.

◎ Procedures
1) Go to the Downloads of ASUS WebStorage to download Remote Drive.
2) After Remote Drive is downloaded, open it to fill in your account and password to complete log-in.
3) Select the folder(s) to be synchronized on ASUS WebStorage.
4) After synchronization is completed, you can use Remote Drive to directly access your data on ASUS WebStorage.

◎ Video demo

2) Selective Sync
Selective Sync lets you access your data on ASUS WebStorage anytime to free up the space on your laptop.

◎ Procedures
1) Go to the Settings of ASUS of ASUS WebStorage on your computer and select Selective Sync.

2) Select the folder(s) to be synchronized, and the folder(s) unselected will be not be synchronized in order to free up more space on your computer.

ASUS WebStorage provides two important functions, 1) Remote Drive and 2) Selective Sync, to help you do so easily.



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