ASUS WebStorage has updated mobile app and web interfaces !

Nowadays almost everyone has a mobile handheld. As mobile devices have become indispensable to daily life and most of us tend to use such devices to keep creating digital data, ASUS WebStorage released an update to Android, iOS, and web interfaces at the beginning of September to provide a clean and crisp look to these interfaces, and have certain functions updated and fine-tuned in order to provide an even better user experience of mobile devices.

The updates are respectively introduced as the following.

◎ Side function bar adjustment
The dark grey color of side function bars for Android, iOS, and web interfaces have been changed to bright white to enable clear and comfortable browsing, and the distance between function icons has been widened to avoid unintended finger taps.

In particular, the side function bar for the iOS app is simplified and streamlined to be consistent with the design feature of iOS, and bright colors are added to freshen up the overall look.

◎ Control Center added
The update this time has added an important new function, Control Center. Tapping the icon at the upper right side of the screen will enter Control Center. Inside there is a pie chart showing important information such as how much space is used and available in percentage terms as well as the expiration date. The pie chart in percentage terms is much more understandable in a glance than numerals.
In response to the emerging Internet of Things, ASUS WebStorage is going to provide many more different applications, and these applications can be centrally managed in Control Center with only one ASUS WebStorage account.

>> How to enter Control Center

>>  The control center of all interface

◎ File-uploading hotkey for Android app
In the past, file uploading by using the ASUS WebStorage Android app had to open the app in order to enter the app from the selection icon at the upper right corner and select the file to be uploaded. Now, the uploading button is available at the lower right corner of the screen immediately after the app is opened, and bright yellow button is easy to locate and can accelerate uploading significantly.

◎ Completely updated iOS app interface

In addition to the side function bars adjustment, the user interface for the ASUS WebStorage iOS app has been optimized, including optimization of file and function icons as well as matching colors to replace obsolete shaded icons with a clean and flat design.  Written instructions are also added to the optimized icons to make the interface even more complete and easier to use.

◎ Integration of advanced functions
In the past, account-related advanced functions such as Account Incentive Status and Subscriber Support Service had separate buttons that looked incoherent, and now the buttons are combined and can be unfolded by tapping the triangle icon by your account, and log-out is also available here. Moreover, tapping your account will show your account details including the space used and available, the number of computers available for backup, etc.

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