Launched in 2008, ASUS WebStorage has been steadfastly improving its private and public cloud services and now has tens of millions of subscribers around the world. As mobile devices and high-speed network accesses are increasingly prevalent while the Internet of Things services are making rapid progress, massive and various digital files being created demand much larger and trustworthy enough storage space for highly private files.

Under such a circumstance, some people resort to network attached storage (NAS) or private cloud at home to meet their requirements. However, installing NAS is no easy task and requires a certain degree of network knowledge and skills. Therefore, ASUS WebStorage provides HomeCloud, a brand new application that helps everyone easily install private cloud at home.

For the convenience of subscribers, ASUS WebStorage has various functions of HomeCloud integrated on its existing interface, and you can easily access both private and public cloud through the same portal, with the same account and password by installing only one program.  Moreover, data uploading is the same as that of ASUS WebStorage, i.e., files can be easily uploaded to HomeCloud and stored on your PC at home by tapping or drag and drop of files despite interface differences.

<How to activate HomeCloud_Administrator>
Download the HomeCloud administrator software and the HomeCloud icon will appear on different devices and interfaces.
● After the installation is complete login your WebStorage in Windows version, finish the HomeCloud initial setup and start to use the service.

<How to activate HomeCloud_Member>
● Download the HomeCloud member software and the HomeCloud icon will appear on different devices and interfaces.
● After the installation is complete login your WebStorage in Windows version, and you can start to use HomeCloud。

<How to switch to HomeCloud from ASUS WebStorage>
● Windows interface: After logging in onto ASUS WebStorage, the status on how HomeCloud is being used can be seen, and various applications and functions can be selected here. The applications and functions are introduced in detail as below.

● Android, iOS interface: Tapping the triangle icon on the side function bar will show your HomeCloud and log you into your HomeCloud.

<Different folders of HomeCloud >
On the side function bar of HomeCloud, how the space in different folders is being used can be viewed. Different from ASUS WebStorage, HomeCloud is private cloud space where files cannot be generated into links for sharing, and sharing is available only in Family Folder.
MyFolder is your exclusive cloud apace where all your private data are securely stored.
Family Folder is a shared folder in which members for sharing can be added*. Folder members can download files from and upload files to the folder and view what is in the folder.
*Access to HomeCloud is only available to ASUS WebStorage subscribers.

<How to add members in Family Folder>
● Enter the Windows for ASUS WebStorage and your HomeCloud is at the bottom of the screen. Tap Member Management to invite families or friends to join the folder. After they receive your invitation and agree to join the folder, they will be able to access your Family Folder.
● A pie chart will show the space for your HomeCloud members.
● When your Family Folder space becomes insufficient, you can expand your hard drive space for the folder.

<How space is being used shown by Console Center>
You can enter Console Center of HomeCloud from ASUS WebStorage to understand your account status and how the space for your HomeCloud members is being used.
● Windows interface: Open HomeCloud and a pie chart will show how space is being used in a glance.
● Android and iOS interface: Tapping the Console Center button on the side function bar will show the space on both ASUS WebStorage and HomeCloud is being used.

Know more about HomeCloud
● ASUS HomeCloud effectively manages data storage at home
ASUS HomeCloud revolutionizes cloud-based home data storage service


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