Upgrade to WebStorage VIP user to get free antivirus for double protection!


Cloud Backup X Antivirus Scan = Double Protection. No need to worry about Ransomware attack.
Ransomware, a type of software that computer hackers use to hold individuals’ data hostage by blocking access to files unless they agree to pay a ransom, over 200 thousand computers is attacked every year. Even FBI has said that paying the ransom fee is sometimes the only way for victims to recover their encrypted data.
In order not to attack by Ransomware, keep cloud backup computer files at any time and also need to install antivirus software for double protection.

ASUS provide VIP limited promotion for advanced security protection.

Campaign:New subscriber upgrade cloud storage to VIP user within 30 days to get free Trend Micro PC-cillin antivirus cloud software (worth USD 31 per year)

Promotion Period:2016/07/15~2016/09/30


  • During promotion period, new subscriber buy any cloud storage plan within 30 days to VIP paid user to get free Trend Micro PC-cillin antivirus cloud software.(One PC for one year limited use.)
  • Trend Micro PC-cillin antivirus cloud software only provided Chinese/English version, each paid account can only receive one software suite.
  • Antivirus software key will be sent to user registered email after 7~10 days purchase.

Upgrade to VIP user NOW!!!!


Matters of attention::

  • PC-cillin antivirus cloud software only provided Chinese/English version, and is provided by Trend Micro. ASUS WebStorage is not responsible for all issues of the use.
  • ASUS WebStorage reserves the right to terminate, amend, and/or change the promotion anytime and has the final right to decide the qualification of promotion subscribers.
  • ASUS WebStorage shall not be liable to promotion subscribers’invalid data resulting from damages, errors, and/or missing of data incurred by computer, network, phone, technology, and/or other issues for which ASUS WebStorage is not accountable, and promotion subscribers shall not have any objection.
  • ASUS WebStorage may disqualify any promotion subscriber for violating the matters of attention provided herein, and may reserve the right to have any violator prosecuted.




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