[Introdution] How to share data via ASUS WebStorage website

🏝️Sharing favorite memories and important data with the people you choose.

🔒The people who had your link or the password you set can download your latest data on any devices!

📜You can invite friends and family as your collaborator to upload their own videos or documents, and changes automatically on any devices.

➡️ [Download] ASUS WebStorage on your device.

Step 1.

●Login [ ASUS WebStorage website ] with your ASUS Cloud ID.

🔰Haven’t registered one?  [Sign up] with your email address.

Step 2.

●Select your photos or folder on ASUS WebStorage website.

➡️Click the share icon Share-icon.PNGto turn on the sharing mode.


●Select a share mode.


Public share – 

●You can share data with non-ASUS Cloud member or invite the member by turn on the [Invite collaborators].

●Copy the share link to your friends or family members etc.


●Your friends or family can enter this link to download the data you shared on any devices.


Advanced settings-

●Click  ICON.PNGto share the link via e-mail.


●ClickICON2.PNGto set an Expiration date/ Link password/ Storage limit.



Share only with collaborators –

●Invite a member of ASUS Cloud as your collaborators.

●Also, the owner can set the privilege to the member.



⏳Note:Every ASUS Cloud ID would have their daily file sharing limit.
The owner’s limitation space would be used when people download files.
The daily file sharing limitation space will be recovered every day.
(i.g. Free ASUS Cloud ID has 500MB daily file sharing limit space.)

If you need help, please feel free to –

👨‍💻Contact ASUS Cloud Support ]👩‍💻

Or leave a message below! 👇👇👇

3 thoughts on “[Introdution] How to share data via ASUS WebStorage website”

  1. I can’t add emails to the Share Only with Collaborators. After adding the email, it says Invitation failed. I’ve been trying all day, and with different emails and….zero!.
    Anyone can help me?

    1. Hi Luís! To solve this issue, please provide the email addresses that you cannot add to our support team (contact@asuswebstorage.com) by your account’s register email. Thank you so much!

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