[New Feature] Viewing big picture for Android. (Grid View mode)

🎊The TOP 1 wishes of the ASUS WebStorage global customer:GRID VIEW MODE is releasing now! You can view your photos/files as a big picture.

🗺️Please follow the instruction below and get to know the new features of Android 3.2.6.

#1 Grid View Mode

  • Now you can view with Grid view mode on ASUS WebStorage APP by click  Step1-icon.PNG !


  • Check out the display when pick-up files (left photo) / upload files (right photo) on Grid View Mode.


#2 Long press to tick-up multiple files.

  • Long press file/folder to select multiple files and folders.
  • Tap ‘more icon’ Step3-icon.PNGto display an action list.


#3 Ask to turn on ‘camera upload’ when the first login.

  • When the first login, ASUS WebStorage would ask you to turn on the ‘camera upload’ function.
  • If you already logged-in on the old version (i.g. 3.2.5) → update to new version (i.g. 3.2.6 or higher), ASUS WebStorage would check if you had already turned on this function instead to ask you anyway.



If you need help, please feel free to –

👨‍💻Contact ASUS Cloud Support ]👩‍💻

Or leave a message below! 👇👇👇



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