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The annual Chinese New Year holiday is very important to the Chinese people.  To celebrate the blessed and joyful festival, ASUS WebStorage would like to share with you our happiness and thank you for your great support in 2013.  Therefore, we will offer feedback to extend our gratitude.

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From Halloween through year-end, there are always crazy parties one after another.  Halloween partygoers particularly delight in taking fun photos and videos of their fascinating moments on the festival.   Collaboration Folder on ASUS WebStorage now helps you rapidly share such photos and videos with friends and families, and everyone won’t miss any show.
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You can save all your digital data in ASUS WebStorage and access them with a cell phone, laptop, or tablet anytime and anywhere, sharing anything with families, friends, or coworkers.
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The expanded 5 GB storage capacity for every user can accommodate almost all your data, which are seamlessly protected on a 7/24 basis. There is also a convenient cross-platform sharing mechanism for easy access by cell phones, laptops, and tablet as well as other mobile devices. ASUS WebStorage is great enough for you to invite friends to enjoy it with you.

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Download MyBitCast for Android to receive an extra 1GB space upgrade for FREE!  You will also be eligible to enter a 50GB(1year)  lottery when a new memo is added from MyBitCast.(Promotion Period:June 6th, 2012 to July 9th, 2012)

As you become older, you gradually have more responsibilities and expectations from work, family and friends. You always seem to have endless things on your mind that you fail to remember them simply because your brain does not have the capacity to store all the little details. For this reason, you resort to using post-it on your monitor, refrigerator and walls in hopes to resolve this issue; however, you still tend to forget things from time to time not to mention trying to find the one you are looking for in midst of all the other post-it is like trying to find a needle in the middle of an ocean.

What you really need is an app that provides easy memo taking as well as a convenient reminder system.
MyBitCast is designed to help you remember even the smallest thing in your life!

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Our beloved ASUS WebStorage users have something to rejoice about! We have collaborated with iOS, OrganiDoc to bring users to most powerful file management system. From now on, any files saved onto WebStorage can be downloaded through OrganiDoc, and files originally saved under OrganiDoc can be uploaded into WebStorage. Files can be browsed and edited without compatibility issues between iOS and other platforms.