ASUS Health Cloud Alliance Launched in Taiwan

ASUS has intentions to launch a cloud service in the first half of 2013, but they aren’t waiting to leverage their technology until then as today they have announced the Health Cloud Alliance together with the Department of Health, 11 hospitals and Telco Far East Tone.

ASUS WebStorage boosts your free storage to 5GB!

ASUS WebStorage has been pursuing even more comprehensive and thoughtful services since its inception.  On the other hand, valuable recommendations provided by users have helped the functions of ASUS WebStorage become increasingly complete and powerful.

In order to extend gratitude to numerous users who have been supporting and moving forwards with ASUS WebStorage, the basic space1 for all free users of ASUS WebStorage will be expanded to 5 GB after October 11th , 2012. 

Far EasTone, AsusTek team up on cloud tech

Far EasTone and AsusTek, respectively a major telecom operator and hardware manufacturer, yesterday announced a partnership focusing on cloud computing.

The announcement was made by Douglas Hsu, chairman of Far EasTone, and Jonney Shih, chairman of AsusTek, in a ceremony yesterday. The collaboration follows a similar deal reached between Chunghwa telecom and Quanta Computer.

ASUS WebStorage is all ready for Windows 8!

Developers throughout Taiwan are invited to join Windows 8 app development

The launch of Windows 8 has long been awaited, while Windows Store — which is very topical among developers around the world — now accepts uploading of apps.  At the same time, Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation can be downloaded from MSDN for a 90-day trial in order to help develop and test the apps for the Windows 8 final release.

Developers throughout Taiwan compete for Windows 8 app business opportunities

The apps uploaded and qualified will have the opportunity to be downloaded in 231 markets of Windows 8 around the world on the launch day of the new operating system.  This would help create popularity and strengthen profitability for such apps.  Optimistic of the business opportunities created by Windows 8, many highly rated apps such as KKBOX (online music service), MagV (e-book software),  Dr.eye (e-dictionary), TuMetro (e-news reader), YouCam (webcam software), (online mahjong), and ASUS WebStorage (Cloud Service) have successfully developed their apps for Windows 8, and their apps are expected to become popular on Windows Store.  Now, developers throughout Taiwan are invited to compete for the business opportunities resulting from the global launch of Windows 8.

【COMPUTEX 2012】ASUS shows off its Open Cloud Computing with a dash of sci-fi, teen angst

ASUS has been touting Open Cloud Computing as the glue that unites its new devices at Computex, but it hasn’t been very specific as to what that meant.

Past to future – the evolution of digital storage

After seeing the picture below, does it bring back memory of the old days? It might be difficult back in the days to imagine a future where everyone owns a smart phone and tablet computer when computers used to be the size of an entire class room. In 50 years, computers have evolved at an incredible pace and digital storage is of no exception. Like computers, digital storages have continuously pushed for new breakthroughs throughout the years not only in overall storage capacities but also in different and more efficient formats.