Cloud Printing’s First Stop:Taiwan

Congrats to ASUS WebStorage, we just held a successful press conference to announce ASUS WebStorage’s new product, Cloud Printing cooperated with the multifunction device, called ibon in the biggest convenience stores in Taiwan.

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Sync = Backup!?

This is probably one of the most frequent asked questions since Cloud Computing became popular. Why is this worth of mentioning? Because not all Cloud providers offer both Sync and Backup, but we got you both. The reason is simple; we believe Sync and Backup are both equally important, yet achieve distinct customer needs.

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When everything in life is down with the ship!

What if you lose your precious data before they are backed up…

David usually used a 3.5” hard disk to backup his data in 2 computers and took along the data he needed immediately with USB flash drive. Everything seemed to work very well, until…

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