ASUS WebStorage helps rapidly store and share photos of wonderful moments


Every Chinese New Year is the time for Chinese people to get together with their families and meet relatives returning from overseas.  They prepare dishes for Chinese New Year and Spring Festival couplets together, pay courtesy calls to friends, or go for outings.  These memorable moments are usually captured by increasingly prevalent phone cameras.

How to Start Trial Use of WebStorage for Team-How to Use Mobile Office Service Provided by WebStorage for Team

According to an IDC survey in 2013, smart phone apps and personal productivity apps are the two of the five cloud services that businesses need the most.  Now, the mobile office service provided by WebStorage for Team exactly suits such needs and is also unprecedented in Taiwan.  WebStorage for Team provides the document processing applications used in daily work, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so that you will be able to have most of your jobs directly done on your tablet, and it is just as easy as using a PC.  Edited documents can be saved back to WebStorage and accessible anytime and anywhere.  WebStorage for Team amounts to your omnipresent mobile office to enhance teamwork efficiency by providing excellent cloud mobility.

How to Set up and Use the Share Mode and Collaboration of WebStorage for Team

A great feature of WebStorage for Team is its complete collaboration function, which is highly convenient, necessary, and realistic for any small team.  How to set up and use the share mode and collaboration of WebStorage for Team is introduced hereafter.

How to Start Trial Use of WebStorage for Team – How to Use Its Administrator Interface dashboard

Small and medium business operation or team collaboration requires leaders to ensure getting things done the right way and efficiently, but such leaders are usually too busy to make it.  To help resolve the issue, WebStorage for Team has developed an easily understandable and easy to use administrator interface dashboard in order to help them stay on top of how their cloud resources are being used.

How to Start Trial Use of WebStorage for Team – Registration and Initialization Setting

Before your trial use of WebStorage for Team, you need to register for a WebStorage for Team account in order to add your collaboration team members and complete various settings.

  • Registration

1. Please go to the homepage of and select “Free Trial.

[Tips] Post-holiday,it wont drive you crazy AGAIN to get all photos organized for sharing with family and friends.

family share
family share

Now many people would want to share their photos and videos taken during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

How to use ASUS WebStorage on Windows 8

Please first download, install, and register ASUS WebStorage (Download and installation instruction).

After that, open Windows 8 Style UI to enter the green-background app page.  There are two areas on the app page, Space and Tag.  In Space, there are MySyncFolder, Back-up Data, and My Collection.  In Tag, there is Starred, where all the files starred can be found.

Slide the screen leftwards to show what is on the right side of the screen.