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ASUS WebStorage would like to help prepare you for the upcoming Christmas for you capture and store delicately decorated Christmas tree and how you enjoy your Christmas feast and reunion. ASUS WebStorage helps you store each and every warm moment of the festival.

In order to thank you for your long-time support, ASUS WebStorage offers the greatest bargain ever with two options available from 2014/12/01 to 2015/01/05 (GMT+8) :

1. Subscription to 100GB to get another 100GB free, which is equivalent to a 50% discount not to be missed

2. A 30% discount for an extra-large space of 500GB to save any file

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Happy Halloween!!! ASUS WebStorage Celebrates the Holiday with You.

From Halloween through year-end, there are always crazy parties one after another.  Halloween partygoers particularly delight in taking fun photos and videos of their fascinating moments on the festival.   Collaboration Folder on ASUS WebStorage now helps you rapidly share such photos and videos with friends and families, and everyone won’t miss any show.
This Halloween promotion provides you much larger cloud space to invite friends together to enjoy the powerful Collaboration Folder on ASUS WebStorage.  During the promotion period, uploading any file to Collaboration Folder will entitle you to an extra 1GB for free.

How to Start Trial Use of WebStorage for Team – How to Use Its Administrator Interface dashboard

Small and medium business operation or team collaboration requires leaders to ensure getting things done the right way and efficiently, but such leaders are usually too busy to make it.  To help resolve the issue, WebStorage for Team has developed an easily understandable and easy to use administrator interface dashboard in order to help them stay on top of how their cloud resources are being used.

Function Integration and Enhancement as Well as Interface Optimization of ASUS WebStorage for Both Android and iOS Apps

As handheld device technologies are increasingly advanced and such devices are very prevalent now, there is a rush on handheld apps development focusing on two features, ease in operation and highly integrated functions.

ASUS Health Cloud Alliance Launched in Taiwan

ASUS has intentions to launch a cloud service in the first half of 2013, but they aren’t waiting to leverage their technology until then as today they have announced the Health Cloud Alliance together with the Department of Health, 11 hospitals and Telco Far East Tone.

ASUS WebStorage-enabled easy and seamless upgrade to Windows 8

On October 26, 2012, Microsoft announced its Windows 8 across tablet and PC interfaces.  The new operating system, because of its Desktop Style UI and Windows 8 Style UI, features rather different interfacing and usage.

New operating systems launched in every several years always require different hardware specs and incur cumbersome migration to new computers because exiting data need to be copied onto separate hard disc drives and then copied onto new computers; repeated copying for several times is consuming enough.

ASUS WebStorage now resolves the hassle of repeated copying accompanied with a long wait, enabling easy and seamless upgrade to Windows 8.  

Familiar desktop experience that facilitates upgrade

The Windows 8 desktop interface would look familiar to anyone who has the experience in using Windows 7, but there are some differences between the two operating systems.  The biggest difference of Windows 8 is its lack of a start icon on the taskbar, but ASUS WebStorage can still be activated by clicking on its desktop shortcut.  To do so, ASUS WebStorage Sync Agent Windows 8 should be downloaded first.

easy upgrade to Windows 8

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The expanded 5 GB storage capacity for every user can accommodate almost all your data, which are seamlessly protected on a 7/24 basis. There is also a convenient cross-platform sharing mechanism for easy access by cell phones, laptops, and tablet as well as other mobile devices. ASUS WebStorage is great enough for you to invite friends to enjoy it with you.