[Instruction] New Feature! ASUS WebStorage x FTP

🚀Do you know how fast it is to upload or download files to/from ASUS WebStorage via FTP?

Uploading 50 Photos to the Cloud Only Takes 10 Seconds 🆚 Other cloud services need about 2 minutes. Compared with that, we are super-fast!

Downloading a Huge 10GB File Only Takes 30 Minutes 🆚 With other cloud services, it usually takes 1.5 hours. We are 3 times as fast!

You can even drag files from your NAS, your computer’s local drive, or your portable hard drive to save them to the cloud! Fast and easy!

Plans with FTP support are available HERE!

Upload/Download Files Fast with Just 6 Steps!

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Update release on ASUS WebStorage Desktop Client v3.0.86

If you have file syncing experience with AWS service with our earlier version, you might have find that is was some conflict between local file and exist file on the cloud (under the condition of same file name and structure).

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Sync = Backup!?

This is probably one of the most frequent asked questions since Cloud Computing became popular. Why is this worth of mentioning? Because not all Cloud providers offer both Sync and Backup, but we got you both. The reason is simple; we believe Sync and Backup are both equally important, yet achieve distinct customer needs.

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The Night I Forgot My Working Files Home…

Hi, there! I’m Yvonne, one of the marketing specialists from ASUS WebStorage. Many things are keeping us quite busy lately. We’re busy updating and optimizing our products, as well as organizing several marketing events. During such busy days, something that can’t be forgotten forever may happen in some way. Here, I’ve a terrible personal experience that I would like to share with you about the importance of “sync”. Here’s the story about that miserable night of my overtime work…

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