ASUS WebStorage has HomeCloud integrated to provide the convenience of both private and public cloud

Launched in 2008, ASUS WebStorage has been steadfastly improving its private and public cloud services and now has tens of millions of subscribers around the world. As mobile devices and high-speed network accesses are increasingly prevalent while the Internet of Things services are making rapid progress, massive and various digital files being created demand much larger and trustworthy enough storage space for highly private files.

Under such a circumstance, some people resort to network attached storage (NAS) or private cloud at home to meet their requirements. However, installing NAS is no easy task and requires a certain degree of network knowledge and skills. Therefore, ASUS WebStorage provides HomeCloud, a brand new application that helps everyone easily install private cloud at home.

How to Start Trial Use of WebStorage for Team – How to Use Its Administrator Interface dashboard

Small and medium business operation or team collaboration requires leaders to ensure getting things done the right way and efficiently, but such leaders are usually too busy to make it.  To help resolve the issue, WebStorage for Team has developed an easily understandable and easy to use administrator interface dashboard in order to help them stay on top of how their cloud resources are being used.

ASUS WebStorage with OrganiDoc together create the most sophisticated yet convenient Cloud experience ever

We believe many iOS users have been constantly troubled by the inability to access files and have to resort to download numerous file management programs in hope to resolve this problem. Even with a large Cloud storage, many users are unable to utilize smart phone/tablet to download, and access files due to platform limitations. With the collaboration between ASUS WebStorage and OrganiDoc, users will now be able to easily access/edit/backup files from ASUS WebStorage and OrganiDoc directly on their smart phone/tablet.