Updated iOS version for even smoother user experience

In order to better suit the habits of iOS users, WebStorage has updated its iOS version again while retaining the version’s original flat and lineal design to keep the crisp, no-nonsense appearance.

On the other hand, the update has removed the sidebar and placed all function icons at the bottom of the display, so that they can be easily viewed in a glance. More details about the update are introduced as below.

How to Start Trial Use of WebStorage for Team-How to Use Mobile Office Service Provided by WebStorage for Team

According to an IDC survey in 2013, smart phone apps and personal productivity apps are the two of the five cloud services that businesses need the most.  Now, the mobile office service provided by WebStorage for Team exactly suits such needs and is also unprecedented in Taiwan.  WebStorage for Team provides the document processing applications used in daily work, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so that you will be able to have most of your jobs directly done on your tablet, and it is just as easy as using a PC.  Edited documents can be saved back to WebStorage and accessible anytime and anywhere.  WebStorage for Team amounts to your omnipresent mobile office to enhance teamwork efficiency by providing excellent cloud mobility.

Function Integration and Enhancement as Well as Interface Optimization of ASUS WebStorage for Both Android and iOS Apps

As handheld device technologies are increasingly advanced and such devices are very prevalent now, there is a rush on handheld apps development focusing on two features, ease in operation and highly integrated functions.

Register for ASUS WebStorage and enter to win OrganiDoc/OrganiDocHD

Our beloved ASUS WebStorage users have something to rejoice about! We have collaborated with iOS, OrganiDoc to bring users to most powerful file management system. From now on, any files saved onto WebStorage can be downloaded through OrganiDoc, and files originally saved under OrganiDoc can be uploaded into WebStorage. Files can be browsed and edited without compatibility issues between iOS and other platforms.

How to share files with friends using WebStorage?

Easily share with friends using Windows, Mac, or Web

a.    Sharing from Windows:
Upon logging into WebStorage, right click on the desired file and select “share”.

How to upload pictures to your WebStorage (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Press the WebStorage application icon  to open up the program

How to Register from WebStorage Sync for iOS

1.Search ASUS WebStorage from iTune