Try MyBitCast, ASUS WebStorage and receive 1GB free storage

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As you become older, you gradually have more responsibilities and expectations from work, family and friends. You always seem to have endless things on your mind that you fail to remember them simply because your brain does not have the capacity to store all the little details. For this reason, you resort to using post-it on your monitor, refrigerator and walls in hopes to resolve this issue; however, you still tend to forget things from time to time not to mention trying to find the one you are looking for in midst of all the other post-it is like trying to find a needle in the middle of an ocean.

What you really need is an app that provides easy memo taking as well as a convenient reminder system.
MyBitCast is designed to help you remember even the smallest thing in your life!

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MyBitCast-Always remember every moment in your live

Have you ever experienced the following:

  • During a meeting, you kept getting sales calls but forget to return many of them resulting in loss of potential customers.
  • You tend to forget buying many household products due to the fact that you are always busy at work.
  • You tend to forget many good ideas for new products and services because you simply cannot find something to jot them down in time.

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