Is the available space on your hard drive shrinking like a puddle in the sun? Remote Drive expands your storage space without wasting your hard-earned cash!


In this era of high performance SSDs, computers are running faster than ever, but shrinking hard drive space is becoming a frustration for many users. So how does one maintain speed without ever having to worry about available space again?


With services like automatic synchronization, instant sharing, and secure encryption, Remote Drive meets your every need and completely solves the problem of not having enough hard drive space. Here are the 3 key features of Remove Drive:

  • Provides extra space – on the cloud! Your data will not take up any space on your local drives.
  • File Explorer Interface: Familiar feel and intuitive operation.
  • Easy Expansion: Never run out of space again.

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* Trial limited to once per user per lifetime, upgrade within 30 days and receive up to 70% off!

HDD容量はいつも不足気味?Remote Driveなら安く容量を増やせます!




Remote Driveは容量を増やすだけでなく、自動同期、共有、暗号化保護などの機能を提供いたします。Remote Driveの特徴:

  • クラウド容量:パソコンの容量を利用しません
  • ブラウザアクセス:OS同様に簡単に利用できます
  • 拡張が簡単:容量はいくらでも増やせます

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Let ASUS WebStorage help you extend the space on your laptop

Portability is an important consideration for laptop buying, but the sharply increased data over time on your laptop would make its built-in memory space insufficient. What would you do to keep and rapidly access your existing data anytime while making your laptop function as responsively?