Updated iOS version for even smoother user experience

In order to better suit the habits of iOS users, WebStorage has updated its iOS version again while retaining the version’s original flat and lineal design to keep the crisp, no-nonsense appearance.

On the other hand, the update has removed the sidebar and placed all function icons at the bottom of the display, so that they can be easily viewed in a glance. More details about the update are introduced as below.

Newly Updated Web Interface

Let us take a look at which frequently used functions have been updated for ASUS WebStorage Web interface.

Desktop Client V3.0.92 is running with Auto Update

We’ve received dozens of feedback from our users indicate that it is hard to keep on track of every client updates. Today, we have initial our auto update mechanism to make sure you won’t miss any important update ever!

[Notice!]Download latest version to avoid error message

Dearest friends,

Recently, our Customer Support Team received numerous cases regarding to issue of “This Folder is read only" message when drag and drop folders/files on previous Client versions (exact version is still under verifying)