What if you lose your precious data before they are backed up…

David usually used a 3.5” hard disk to backup his data in 2 computers and took along the data he needed immediately with USB flash drive. Everything seemed to work very well, until…

One day, David was involved in a boat accident while he was on a business trip. Fortunately, no one was killed by the tragedy. But, David lost ALL his files saved in the notebook and the hard disk while fleeing for life; totally 300 GB personal and customer data were all gone.

Even though no accidents would occur, hard disks, CD-ROMs and USB flash drives all have their own life spans and would be broken-down someday.

However, with ASUS WebStorage’s business version Automatic Online Backup, the data can always be kept safely.

Free Trial – 1TB/25 accounts. Sing up now



    1. Hi there,

      We’re happy to hear your voice. Actually we just announced our business version backup service,called WebStorage for Business.
      We’d like to invite you to visit and give it a try the free trial comes with 1TB/25 accounts.

      Website : https://biz.asuswebstorage.com/

      Hope it will help you resolve any data protection problems.

      ASUS WebStorage team



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