New ASUSWebStorage Web interface has been renewed! With brand new user interface we tend to give you a fresh look! Together we also add many useful tools which especially design to efficient your folder management. Today, we’re going to introduce one of them – “Group Share Folder”. This feature allows you to share files or folders to your selected group, friends, family or team members at work place. The group share folder could be access via our ASUSWebStorage desktop client, web, or even on your Android!

Create Friend List

First, a group of friends need to be invite. It is extremely easy! Create your Friend List from the drop-down menu after login via web.

Add friend list

“Add Members” to invite friends, you are then required to enter your  friend’s account name and email address. The one who you invited will be receiving mail notification which required confirming.

Invite friends

Folder sharing

Once your friends had confirmed the invitation, you are now able to start sharing folders / files through ASUSWebStorage desktop client. There are two ways to share folders, right click to exist root folders in MyCollectionor creating new folder and drag and drop selected files into it.
It’s easy to tell which files are been shared to and which are shared from your friends.

Also available on the Web and Android!

Group Share Folder also available on our Web and Android client now!
Today, you may find Group Share Folder on your web interface and new Android V1.0.1 beta, with folders that are shared to you from your friends.


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