1. Press the WebStorage application icon  to open up the program

Select MySyncFolder

2. Select ”+” , and then Camera roll

Select ”Saved Photo”

3. Select the pictures you would like to upload.

4. When upload completed, your pictures will appear in the “MySyncFolder.”

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  1. Why it changes the file names? When I upload iphone photos to google drive or download the pictures to my Mac, the file name remains like IMG_0000.jpg. But when I use your app to upload, it changes the file name like you shown (20111213150713.jpg). Please help.

    1. Dear Hoy,

      We’re glad to hear from you and thank you for the feedback.
      Our customer center will set up your question as a ticket and email you back as soon as possible.
      Please pay attention to your mailbox and the spam one as well.

      Thanks for your patience and time.

      ASUS WebStorage team



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