From January 20 to 23, ASUS Cloud joined near twenty business partners, government organizations, and industry associations at the 2015 Smart City Summit and Expo, launching an Internet of Things platform independently developed in Taiwan to support many types of smart gateways and sensor devices.  The platform also supports users around the world and apps development.

The expo’s Smart Campus area enabled visitors to experience a variety of smart classroom learning apps.  Its Smart Healthcare area showed how personal healthcare information such as medical records and prescription information can be easily downloaded and carried on the go.  How food product resumes can be traced by mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets was demonstrated in the Smart Living area.  The Intelligent Transportation System area demonstrated travel recorder videos uploaded to cloud storage.  The Smart Living area showed more than 10,000 free e-books, while a mobile office environment enabled by convenient and secure cloud apps was provided in the Smart Office area.  The Open Innovation area exemplified how easy it is to use ASUS Cloud’s Open API and development tools to complete smart apps.  At the expo, ASUS Cloud also demonstrated more than 30 smart applications in seven major categories as an attempt to develop a new generation smart city based on the Internet of Things.

At the same time, a 2018 Smart City Forum held by ASUS featured there elements: 1) Development of realistic apps for city dwellers, 2) the aforementioned Internet of Things platform based on big data, and 3) open innovation, inviting the Industrial Development Bureau (Ministry of Economic Affairs), National Development Council, and smart city development partners to together explore smart city development and promotion.

“Smart cities are a very significant trend in the forthcoming era of the Internet of Things.  Therefore, if we want to be a winner in the future, we must develop commonality of connectivity for an open architecture platform, on which numerous small and medium businesses in Taiwan can realize effective collaboration and develop their industry ecosystem,” said Jonathan Tsang, Vice Chairman and President of ASUS.  “We look forward to helping integrate different resources, pioneering the innovation in different categories with our Internet of Things, information service, and R&D partners to establish a new generation citizen-centered smart city based on the Internet of Things, so that more people would be able to enjoy highly convenient, seamless, and realistic smart living.”

ASUS’ partners in different categories present at the event included Advantech, Tatung, Aaeon, and Askey (Internet of Things); the National Health Insurance Administration, Show Chwan Healthcare System, and DigiO2 (Healthcare); the Institute for Information Industry Digital Institute, Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group, KUT, and Idealist Information (smart education);  Agriculture Multidiscipline Management of Technology (smart living); Information and Communications Research Laboratories of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (intelligent transportation); FarEasTone and BestCom (smart office); GEOSAT (geographic information system); as well as InfoChamp, DOIT, and Fun-Maker (open Innovation).

At the Smart City Expo, ASUS debuted its 2nd generation learning management system, which integrates digital learning contents such as teaching tool virtualization, after-class didactic support materials, learning apps, etc. for students and teachers to access different education resources on only one device.  Moreover, ASUS introduced its learning record protocol to have all teaching activities accumulated in a learning record datacenter to facilitate the exchange and sharing of relevant resources and enable big data analysis for teachers, schools, and government organizations to timely resolve teaching issues in order to help narrow the education gap between cities and remote rural areas and better suit different aptitudes of students to develop their potentials.  To address consumers’ escalating diet consciousness, the cooperation between ASUS and Agriculture Multidiscipline Management of Technology promotes food resumes through a cloud service platform that helps consumers trace agricultural product resumes to strengthen their confidence in food safety.  The instant private messaging app development together by ASUS and FarEasTone replaces direct file transmission with file linking to provide a complete private environment for users to browse and share their company documents, enabling both convenient access to information and the tightest security for sensitive information.

At the expo, ASUS also launched the Internet of Things platform independently developed by the company.  The platform supports many types of smart gateways and sensors to enable devices management, remote wireless access, and big data analysis, supporting users around the world and apps development, too.  Moreover, it supports big data processing to realize smart applications based on Open API, suits different smart city life scenarios, and helps develop a brand new API economy.

Shen Jong-chin, Vice Minister of Economic Affairs, and Ko Wen-je, Taipei Mayor, visited the ASUS pavilion at the expo to gain a hands-on-experience of the company’s realistic apps for city dwellers.

ASUS Cloud’s Open API in the Maker Space area shows how easy it is to use ASUS Cloud’s Open API and built-in development tools to complete cloud apps development simply by drag and pull.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je shows up in the Citizen Maker Space area, where visitors can easily complete creative apps development by using ASUS’ Open API and development tools.

The cooperation between ASUS and Agriculture Multidiscipline Management of Technology promotes food resumes through a cloud service platform that helps consumers trace agricultural product resumes.



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