Every Chinese New Year is the time for Chinese people to get together with their families and meet relatives returning from overseas.  They prepare dishes for Chinese New Year and Spring Festival couplets together, pay courtesy calls to friends, or go for outings.  These memorable moments are usually captured by increasingly prevalent phone cameras.

However, how to efficiently collect and organize the photos taken by different family members and relatives scattering around in different places is an issue.  ASUS WebStorage helps resolve the issue in just one go.

  • Photos uploaded immediately after taken

Organizing many photos on your phone to send them to your PC is cumbersome enough and time-consuming.  As long as the instant upload function of ASUS WebStorage app is activated, all the photos taken by the cameras of smart phones and mobile handhelds can be automatically uploaded to ASUS WebStorage and wireless synchronized onto all your devices.  Anything on your phone deleted by mistake is no longer an issue, and there is no worry about viruses or big file transmission failures.

  • Group sharing for family members

With photos uploaded to ASUS WebStorage and wireless synchronized onto all your devices, photo sharing does not require back-and-forth email transmission or flash disks anymore.  Family members who have joined the Collaboration Folder of ASUS WebStorage can upload files to and download files from the folder and also edit the files in it no matter where they are.


  1. How do I get rid of this? I confess to having bought an ASUS monitor, but I did not ask for and do not want this cloud service! It does nothing but slow down the boot-up process.


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