In order to better suit the habits of iOS users, WebStorage has updated its iOS version again while retaining the version’s original flat and lineal design to keep the crisp, no-nonsense appearance.

On the other hand, the update has removed the sidebar and placed all function icons at the bottom of the display, so that they can be easily viewed in a glance. More details about the update are introduced as below.

● Function icons are all placed at the bottom of the display.
● The most frequently used Create new File and Select multiple Files functions are placed at the upper right of the display for your most convenient access.
● To set up file sharing, rename or delete a file, please tap on “i" to the right of the file.



● Where the sidebar has been removed is now an access to different folders.


● Control Center is placed inside of Setup, where the status on available space can be viewed. Tapping on More Information will see the account expiration date and other relevant information.




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