Tired of having to find a way to transfer your data every time you get a new computer? Then let ASUS help! Our simple-to-use cloud storage service, ASUS WebStorage, can be installed on any brand of computer. Just upload your data from your old computer, then download it onto your new one. There’s no need to manually transfer data ever again, saving you time and effort.

→ Check how much free cloud storage you can receive for your laptop WebStorage Checker

<How to Claim> 3 Key Steps

1. Open the pre-installed ASUS app store application, ASUS GiftBox.


2. Download and install the WebStorage app.


3. Activate your WebStorage free space with your ASUS ID, and enjoy smart living on the cloud!

About WebStorage

One-Time Offer For Extra Storage! 90% Off Your First Purchase

Need more space? No problem! To say thank you for your support towards GiftBox and WebStorage, we’re offering 90% off your first purchase! This is a one-time offer so don’t miss out!

* The 90% Discount Promo Code will be emailed to your mailbox after activation


  1. Are the 500 GB offered for free? To anyone with any ASUS device?
    A different 500 GB for each ASUS device one has?
    For how long?

  2. nothing happens after I have pressed on the gift box; other than a message that says it is loading!

  3. I cannot open my giftbox the box that comes states – Error loading extension – failed to load extension from C:Program files(X86)\ASUS\Giftbox extension file corrupted.

    Could you please advise what I need to do.as I would like to claim the free storage

    Thank you

  4. Unfortunately, the email about the webstorage was sent to my junk folder and now the webstorage app is no longer showing in the ASUS giftbox. Is there any way I can still get the webstorage?

  5. I keepretrying to put the app on my machine following your instructions and it keeps telling me it falied and Retry.
    What do I do now?

    1. Please install the tool for confirm the qualifications of your device: http://globedl.asuswebstorage.com/asuswebstorage/client_update/asp/WebStorageGiftCheck/
      (Or check the list: http://content.asuswebstorage.com/asuswebstorage/packagesupport/package_en.xls)

      If your device is qualified, please install and log in Giftbox version of WebStorage at http://globedl.asuswebstorage.com/asuswebstorage/client_update/asp/giftbox/

      If you are having problem with above steps, please kindly email to contact@asuswebstorgae.com with error message screenshot
      Thank you 😉

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