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Tired of having to find a way to transfer your data every time you get a new computer? Then let ASUS help! Our simple-to-use cloud storage service, ASUS WebStorage, can be installed on any brand of computer. Just upload your data from your old computer, then download it onto your new one. There’s no need to manually transfer data ever again, saving you time and effort.

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每次换新电脑,资料转移让您大伤脑筋?选择ASUS,就是选择智慧生活!我们已为您准备好方便简单的 “ASUS WebStorage” 云端空间,不限任何电脑品牌,皆可安装。旧电脑资料自动上传至云端,再下载到新电脑中,完全无须手动操作,省时省力!

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Oh no! La memoria del cellulare è di nuovo piena!

Il mio disco rigido è davvero lento, e se perdo tutti i miei video e la mia musica?

Accidenti! La riunione è iniziata e i file che mi servono sono a casa…


I problemi di gestione dei file possono capitare a chiunque e ovunque.

Anche un piccolissimo errore può avere conseguenze irreparabili.

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File storage management problems can pop up anywhere and everywhere.Even a small error could have irreparable consequences.

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ASUS WebStorage would like to wish you all Merry Christmas!In order to thank you for your long-time support, ASUS WebStorage offers buy-1-get-1-free sales from December 7, 2016 to 23:59 (GMT+8), January 18, 2017. Only this year, DO NOT let this incredible offer slip away!


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Buy any ASUS WebStorage plans to enjoy a lucky draw of USD 30 worth of Trend Micro Antivirus software which blocks any virus threat from you! < So cool, I’m buying now! >

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Cloud Backup X Antivirus Scan = Double Protection. No need to worry about Ransomware attack.
Ransomware, a type of software that computer hackers use to hold individuals’ data hostage by blocking access to files unless they agree to pay a ransom, over 200 thousand computers is attacked every year. Even FBI has said that paying the ransom fee is sometimes the only way for victims to recover their encrypted data.
In order not to attack by Ransomware, keep cloud backup computer files at any time and also need to install antivirus software for double protection.

Analysis of the differences between MySyncFolder and My Collection


Factoring in different storage needs, ASUS WebStorage divides its space into two folders: MySyncFolder and My Collection. Because most subscribers to ASUS WebStorage tend to store their data only in MySyncFolder, this article is intended to help better understand the differences between the two folders by detailing their respective features, so that smarter use of the two folders serving different purposes will save your drive space and enable more convenient access to your data.