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ASUS Cloud joined Academia Sinica, Taipei City Government and Realtek Semiconductor Corp., in holding the “Air Box PM2.5” press conference. The objective of the project is to increase public awareness on environmental issues.

WebStorage Accumulate Storage by your different ASUS devices

空間累加方案 整合零散空間W5000H350_en.jpg

If you have more than one ASUS devices, these may have different free storage spaces on WebStorage, and such scattered spaces could only be accessed by their different accounts, or you would have to choose a device providing the largest storage space on WebStorage and forego other free spaces.

Aware of such inconvenience, WebStorage now has a solution to have your free storage spaces coming with different ASUS devices integrated into a same account, and the account can have your free spaces integrated up to 3TB for you to enjoy even more cloud data securely stored on WebStorage.

ASUS Cloud showcases thirty smart apps in seven categories at 2015 Smart City Summit & Expo

From January 20 to 23, ASUS Cloud joined near twenty business partners, government organizations, and industry associations at the 2015 Smart City Summit and Expo, launching an Internet of Things platform independently developed in Taiwan to support many types of smart gateways and sensor devices.  The platform also supports users around the world and apps development.

AOCC Framework speeds up cloud applications development to enable omnipresence of innovative services

10 years ago when wireless networks were not prevalent, desktops and laptops were the primary user-end devices.  Nowadays, because cloud services have become the new generation and mainstream computing platform as a result of readily available wireless network accessibility, a variety of innovative mobile devices are able to access and process massive data anytime and anywhere.

Asustek, gov’t partner up on cloud services

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan’s Ausutek Computer Inc. and Industrial Development Bureau Thursday unveiled a cloud mall reportedly integrating upwards of 10,000 service providers which will be launched later this year, aiming to tap the burgeoning Chinese market next year.

ASUS Launches Partnership with Taipei City Government to Build an Intelligent City in the Cloud

Providing ubiquitous cloud access for the city’s residents and businesses

Taipei, Taiwan (April 2, 2013) – ASUS announced today a partnership with the Taipei City Government to launch a set of cloud-based services aimed at turning Taipei into one of the smartest and most technologically advanced cities in the world. The partnership will create a platform that allows local residents and businesses to store information securely online, while conveniently sharing and synchronizing content and resources across multiple devices.