WebStorage Accumulate Storage by your different ASUS devices

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If you have more than one ASUS devices, these may have different free storage spaces on WebStorage, and such scattered spaces could only be accessed by their different accounts, or you would have to choose a device providing the largest storage space on WebStorage and forego other free spaces.

Aware of such inconvenience, WebStorage now has a solution to have your free storage spaces coming with different ASUS devices integrated into a same account, and the account can have your free spaces integrated up to 3TB for you to enjoy even more cloud data securely stored on WebStorage.

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How to get your free space on ASUS WebStorage that comes along with your ASUS desktop, laptop, smart phone, and/or tablet

Because almost all ASUS products have free cloud storage space on ASUS WebStorage, please read the instruction as below on how to check out your free space, register your ID, and start to access ASUS WebStorage.

Dtep1. Make sure of your ASUS WebStorage space size for your ASUS device.  There are different free spaces for different product models.  ASUS WebStorage has listed its different free spaces for different product models for your easy reference.

ASUS WebStorage wishes you a prosperous Year of the Horse in 2014 to award you with doubled referral bonus

The annual Chinese New Year holiday is very important to the Chinese people.  To celebrate the blessed and joyful festival, ASUS WebStorage would like to share with you our happiness and thank you for your great support in 2013.  Therefore, we will offer feedback to extend our gratitude.

We normally provide 512MB to you as an award for inviting each person to join ASUS WebStorage, but now will double the award.  During the promotion period, you will be entitled to 1GB on ASUS WebStorage.  Please invite your friends to join ASUS WebStorage right now.

Happy Halloween!!! ASUS WebStorage Celebrates the Holiday with You.

From Halloween through year-end, there are always crazy parties one after another.  Halloween partygoers particularly delight in taking fun photos and videos of their fascinating moments on the festival.   Collaboration Folder on ASUS WebStorage now helps you rapidly share such photos and videos with friends and families, and everyone won’t miss any show.
This Halloween promotion provides you much larger cloud space to invite friends together to enjoy the powerful Collaboration Folder on ASUS WebStorage.  During the promotion period, uploading any file to Collaboration Folder will entitle you to an extra 1GB for free.

ASUS WebStorage boosts your free storage to 5GB!

ASUS WebStorage has been pursuing even more comprehensive and thoughtful services since its inception.  On the other hand, valuable recommendations provided by users have helped the functions of ASUS WebStorage become increasingly complete and powerful.

In order to extend gratitude to numerous users who have been supporting and moving forwards with ASUS WebStorage, the basic space1 for all free users of ASUS WebStorage will be expanded to 5 GB after October 11th , 2012. 

Try MyBitCast, ASUS WebStorage and receive 1GB free storage

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