Register for ASUS WebStorage and enter to win OrganiDoc/OrganiDocHD

Our beloved ASUS WebStorage users have something to rejoice about! We have collaborated with iOS, OrganiDoc to bring users to most powerful file management system. From now on, any files saved onto WebStorage can be downloaded through OrganiDoc, and files originally saved under OrganiDoc can be uploaded into WebStorage. Files can be browsed and edited without compatibility issues between iOS and other platforms.

ASUS WebStorage with OrganiDoc together create the most sophisticated yet convenient Cloud experience ever

We believe many iOS users have been constantly troubled by the inability to access files and have to resort to download numerous file management programs in hope to resolve this problem. Even with a large Cloud storage, many users are unable to utilize smart phone/tablet to download, and access files due to platform limitations. With the collaboration between ASUS WebStorage and OrganiDoc, users will now be able to easily access/edit/backup files from ASUS WebStorage and OrganiDoc directly on their smart phone/tablet.